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Part of our new Craft Collection, Spunky Pup’s brand-new Organic Cotton toys are the first toys in the industry to feature Certified Organic Cotton in their construction. These hand-made, environmentally friendly toys will remind your customers of their childhood teddy bear and have that adorable well-loved look.

Spunky Pup carefully sources our Certified Organic Cotton and uses all-natural vegetable dyes. Each Organic Cotton toy is thoughtfully hand built using double-layered and double-stitched construction. Toys feature built-in squeakers to keep dogs engaged and entertained. In a further commitment to natural materials, our Organic Cotton toys are filled with all-natural Coconut Husk fill. Coconut Husk, the byproduct of coconut processing, is a natural, dog-safe material and its reuse helps to reduce landfill use.

Organic Cotton toys are available in 4 styles, Large Bear, Large Bunny, Small Bear, Small Bunny. Colors are assorted: Natural (cream) and Brown.

Look for Spunky Pup’s Organic Toys in fine pet stores everywhere.

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