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Ball Blaster

  • Convenient hands free ball pickup
  • 100% air powered for safety and longevity. No dangerous springs or elastic bands that will wear and break over time. Compact design.
  • The more you pump it … the farther it goes.

Bow Blaster

  • Launching pouch fits multiple sizes and shapes of toy
  • Use built-in launch strap to launch tennis balls and water balloons!
  • Collapsible. Right or left-handed.

Squeak & Throw

  • Built-in squeaker to call dog
  • Reward brush
  • Convenient hands free ball pickup

Fly & Fetch

  • Built-in bungee in neck
  • Ballistic nylon and plush
  • Floats. Great for lake, beach or pool.

Dog toys from Outer Space!

Alien Flex dog toys

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