Amazing Dog Toys!

By: Kaitlyn Bledsoe

Instagram: @@dash_thedoxie

February 18, 2022

I have a few toys from Spunk Pup and my miniature dachshund LOVES them! They are great quality and so cute! I love that they have tough toys as well for the chewers. I’d recommend really any toy from them.

Awesome Toys

By: Frankie Quartuccio

Instagram: @@bella_the_chug11

April 22, 2022

These Spunk ytoys are so wonderful I bought Bella Fox when I went to California was so happy itvwas made from recycled plastic Clean Earth 🌎so important Since she received Clean Earth Raccoon and glow in dark piggy and sheep She loves them I love them and Yhe Earth loves them

Best toys ever

By: Becky Burns

Instagram: @breckindoodle.17

August 16, 2021

Breckin absolutely loves all of these toys! Can’t wait to take the football to the boat! As of right now, he won’t put Ghim down!!

best toys for a cause

By: Teddy

Instagram: @@_teddythedoodle

September 10, 2021

Spunky pup toys not only are loved by our pets, but when their life span has come to an end, it feels great to know they’re 100% recyclable! I’d recommend this brand to all households with pets because you’re bound to found at least one thing your pet will love.

Best toys! Durable

By: Tatiana

Instagram: @Good.boys.Nash.mac

September 13, 2021

Honestly the boys break their toys within days , and these have lasted! Not only were the stuffed toys durable but the ring is amazing ! Recommend this company

Favorite toy ever

By: Josie and Jax

Instagram: @@josie.miniaussiedoodle

March 13, 2022

This is our new favorite toy. It is perfect because it bounces and is soft and plush!

Fun toys for the pup that are also good for the planet!

By: Catarina Pruett

Instagram: @@remisayshi

September 21, 2021

Our dog Remi absolutely loved these toys! Not only does our dog love them but we love them too since we know with getting these toys we are helping remove plastic from landfills.

Fun While Helping the Environment

By: Paddington

Instagram: @@mister_paddington

December 9, 2021

We recently had the opportunity to try out a few toys from the Clean Earth collection. They are so cute! The dogs loved them and I loved that they were made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves! Definitely highly recommend these toys!

Fun, durable, and eco friendly!

By: River rose and Patty

Instagram: @River.rose.berner

May 16, 2022

I love the variety of toys spunky pup has, and they’re different than other toys because they glow in the dark and are eco friendly! Riv has been playing with these for weeks and they’re holding up excellently! You won’t be disappointed with any of these toys!

Great for Dogs and the Planet

By: Maddie

Instagram: @Maddie.The.Vizsla

March 29, 2022

Quickly became my two dogs' favorite toys. Perfect for fetching, cuddling, tugging, and chewing! Plus I LOVE how they are made from recycled plastic!

Great Quality

By: Sherri Lieske

Instagram: @@miss_daisy_and_family

November 7, 2021

These stuffed toys are adorable! They are such great quality. We love that we are helping to reuse recycled products as well - so earth friendly! I have already recommended these to friends and family! They loved that different sizes are available. Awesome Product!!!!!

Great toys!

By: Olivea

Instagram: @@sassyhuskies

December 1, 2021

Both of my dogs loved these toys, very soft & cuddly and they have squeakers! Toys are very cute and durable, my female especially likes to cuddle the Fox toy

Great toys!

By: Olivea

Instagram: @@sassyhuskies

April 22, 2022

Both of my dogs loved these toys, very soft & cuddly and they have squeakers! Toys are very cute and durable, my female especially likes to cuddle the Fox toy

Great toys!

By: Olivea

Instagram: @@sassyhuskies

May 11, 2022

Both of my dogs loved these toys, very soft & cuddly and they have squeakers! Toys are very cute and durable, my female especially likes to cuddle the Fox toy

Howie Loves his Spunky Pup Toys

By: Howie & Mom Michelle

Instagram: @mayortysonbulldog

September 7, 2021

Howie just loves his squeaky toys and anything that looks like a ball becomes his especially the glow in the dark one so its never out of his sight.

Long Lasting Toys!

By: Cheleea

Instagram: @CooperJadeandZeus

May 11, 2022

These toys are wonderful. They are extremely long lasting which is great in a household with three extreme chewer dogs!

Love it

By: Shoko

Instagram: @Shoko.Ben

September 26, 2021

I love them 😍 high quality material, keep my pup busy 🐥

Love our new toys!

By: Ashley Bercaw

Instagram: @Perfectpennybulldog

September 8, 2021

We got the clean earth hedgehog, the fetch and chew bone, and the organic cotton teddy (in pic). My bulldogs love to carry around their new stuffies and I love the materials that they’re made out of! The chew bone is also great when they want to chew on something stronger and the shape is different from anything else they’ve had so they love to play with this one!

Love the Clean Earth line! Saving Goose from Boredom and Saving the oceans from plastic at the same time!

By: Goose

Instagram: @goose.aussie

September 26, 2021

We absolutely love Spunky Pup's toys. Goose has had a Seahorse from their Clean Earth line since he was a puppy and recently got a couple more from the same product line. We love that these toys are made of recycled plastic and remove plastic bottles from our oceans!

Love the toys!

By: Katelyn

Instagram: @@chaitotherescue

August 17, 2021

Chai loved the toys we got from Spunky Pup! Her favorite was the woolie koala, but we also got the hedgehog and a hydrant. The hydrant was also cool because you can put peanut butter and treats inside to give her some enrichment to keep her busy. I would totally recommend these toys. so happy with them!!

Love the variety of toys

By: Zoey

Instagram: @@zoey.doodlebear

August 15, 2021

I got three toys and my puppy Zoey absolutely loves all of them! Her favorite one is the parrot with spiky ball because of the texture. She can chew and fetch that thing for a while and it tires her out. The heart squeaker was fun for her to play with when I gave her a shower because it floats in water and also squeaks, so it makes bath time extra fun. And finally the apple treat holder toy is great to hold bully sticks or collagen sticks, and it keeps it safe.

Love these Toys with a Cause

By: Ballparkdoxies

Instagram: @@ballparkdoxies

September 28, 2021

We love our new toys from Spunky Pup’s Clean Earth Collection. They are cute and fun. The pups love them. The best part is the plastic that is saved from landfills and the ocean.

Loves his Squeaky Toys

By: Howie

Instagram: @Mayortysonbulldog

September 7, 2021

Howie loves his Spunky Pup toys especially the squeaky ones. It’s always the 1st toys he goes for when it’s time to play.

my dog went nuts!

By: megan seifert

Instagram: @@dandspuppies

September 17, 2021

My dog Grim didnt even let me get the toys out of the package before be grabbed one and started pulling it from the bag, he was overjoyed & that's exactly the type of reaction every dog owner wants there dog to have to some new toys! Thank you guys!

New Favorite

By: Lorenzo Butts

Instagram: @Lorenzobutts

August 31, 2021

Nikki is announcing to the world that she has a new favorite brand of toys! She loves it and I do too since it takes an active part in helping the environment. Thank you to all the people who make Spunky Pup possible!

By: Emily Krleski

Instagram: @@beanandbaby

September 15, 2021

Through pupfluence, we received complimentary toys from Spunky Pup. We received the clean earth toys, and we couldn’t be happier. Not only do they use recycled materials, but the hedgehog toy is Olivers absolute favorite Toy now! I totally recommend!

Perfect toys for my dog

By: Lisa

Instagram: @@harleysrescue

September 15, 2021

We got three different toys from this great company. My dog, Harley, loves them all. We have the frog which is her favorite. We also have the organic white bear and the hippo with a big squeaky ball inside. She runs around with all of them in her mouth and chews on them endlessly. We are very satisfied and it was a great find!

Super soft toys that save our oceans!

By: Victoria Melhuish

Instagram: @@funkymoet

September 20, 2021

Super soft toys that save our oceans! Win win. Incredible how super soft the plush feels. The turtle is Moet’s fav pillow for naps. The turtle is for more savage attacks, it has been shaken like crazy and still looks perfect! Lobster gets used for a bit of tug of war with her sister. So great to see water bottles recycled in such a cute way! Can’t wait to try the hard chews and rope toys next…… 10/10

Sustainable Dog Toys

By: Sara

Instagram: @

November 7, 2021

Absolutely love the unique selection of toys! They are fun, durable and good for the environment. Since we go through toys quickly, it makes me feel good that these are made with sustainability in mind. Definitely recommend!

Sustainable Toys!

By: Sara

Instagram: @

October 4, 2021

Absolutely love the unique variety of toys! They are fun, durable and good for the environment. Since we go through toys quickly, it makes me feel good that these are made with sustainability in mind. Definitely recommend!!

Thankful Thursday due to SpunkyPup!

By: Cambria Gallarde

Instagram: @@thejacksshack

September 9, 2021

Hoku was thrilled to get so many toys! She carries them all over but her favorite from the start was Mr. Pelican! Great mission and great products! Thanks friends!


By: Natalia

Instagram: @@teddy.the.prince

November 7, 2021

We picked Organic Cotton toys for Teddy and it looks like they're the best toys he ever got! Every time he sees them he gets extra excited and then he wrestles 🙂 We definitely made a great choice!

The coolest toys around!

By: Ashley Pedroncelli

Instagram: @TheAussiePosseNM

November 7, 2021

These toys are so soft and squishy! The pups love the squeak, and I am happy knowing they are made from recycled plastic. We appreciate companies that are concious about waste, and Spunky Pup has it covered. The pups have had such a great time with their hedgehog, lobster, and snack and chew antler! Thanks Spunky Pup for great toys we can feel good about.

Well made toys that my dog loves.

By: Lisa Emmert

Instagram: @Ryder.Chihuahua

March 6, 2022

My dog loves the play, throw the toys in the air & drags them everywhere. Awesome quality toys made from recycled plastic bottles. I also love the fact that the good quality toys help save the planet.

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