Snack & Chew Antler

Snack & Chew Antler

Style #2110, 2015, 2016


Your dog will love the Snack & Chew Antler from Spunky Pup! This 2-in-1 toy is made from rugged nylon with an embedded, beef-flavored treat. Treat portion made from potato starch and rice flour. Sized for puppies and small dogs

Available in the following:
– Puppy (Sized for puppies and small dogs)
– Medium (Sized for small to medium dogs)
– Large (Sized for medium to large dogs)


– 2-in-1 Snack and Chew
– Rugged Nylon chew with delicious, flavored treat
– Promotes healthy teeth and gums
– Embedded grooves to hold starch snack. Dog keeps working to get final bits of snack


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