Wibbleez – Squeak, Crinkle, Fun!

Spunky Pup introduces innovative new Wibbleez, your dog's new favorite stretchy plush toy. Made of strong, stretch woven nylon webbing and cute cuddly plush, Wibbleez are great for games of tug-o-war. They Squeak, they Crinkle, they're tons of fun! Available in two...

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Alien Flex Dog Toys Land in Spunky Pup’s Line

From the furthest reaches of outer space arrive the Alien Flex dog toy line. Materials unknown to man and characters from unexplored planets that come to revolutionize the way your dog plays. 6 Durable Alien Flex Plush Toys with Gnaw Guard Protection, and 6 Durable...

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Spunky Pup Introduces Line of Squeaking Gems

Following the very successful launch of its Fruit and Veggie Treat Holding Play Toys, Spunky Pup adds “Squeaking Gems” to its growing line of Innovative Dog Toys. The Squeaking Diamond, Squeaking Heart and Squeaking Emerald will be introduced at this years Super Zoo....

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Fun, Interactive Products for the Pet Specialty Store Market

Spunky Pup by American Dog Toys, Inc. offers a new look for a well-established line of quality dog toys and safety lights. The Glow in the Dark, Flashing, and Squeaking mainstays of the American Dog Toys line will be joined by the rollout of a whole new range of...

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