New Blasters Launch "Fun" for Dogs and Dog Owners

Spunky Pup introduces new Ball Blaster, Bow Blaster and Squeak & Throw Launcher. These innovative new products "Blast" and "Throw" balls up to 150 feet for hours of healthy fun and exercises for dogs and dog owners. The Ball Blaster is Lightweight, Easy to use, and with no springs or rubber bands to stretch out or break. Simply pump it up and blast away. The Squeak & Throw Launcher features a built-in squeaker to get your dogs attention and a built-in brush to use to reward your pup. The Bow Blaster works like a wrist rocket and launches a tennis ball up to half a football field.

Look for the New Blasters and all of Spunky Pup's innovative products at a Specialty Store near you.
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