Alien Flex Dog Toys Land in Spunky Pup’s Line

From the furthest reaches of outer space arrive the Alien Flex dog toy line. Materials unknown to man and characters from unexplored planets that come to revolutionize the way your dog plays.
6 Durable Alien Flex Plush Toys with Gnaw Guard Protection, and 6 Durable Alien Flex Scented Rubber Toys, added to Spunky Pup’s Line of Innovative Dog Toys.
“Our research show consumers are hungry for new, fun, innovative toys for their pets” said Spunky Pup President John Harty. “We believe we have created an incredibly innovative line of fun dog toys that are also collectibles” Harty went on to say.
CapsuleAll 12 Alien Flex for Spunky Pup Toys will be introduced at this years Super Zoo Show, with delivery to the stores slated for September 2015.
For more information contact us at or 952-303-6173
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